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1988 Enterpreneurship

Tsiakkas winery was founded just outside Pelendri village, as a modest startup by a newly-wed couple. Their first year yielded just 500 bottles of red wine, titled Thyrsos.

During the 90’s, at a time when the winery was going through it’s first expansion, international varieties were introduced to the region and became the preferred choice for winemakers and consumers: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet, Merlot.


An award winning
family business

Today, we have expanded to over 18 hectares of private and partnered vineyards, making approximately 200,000 bottles of wine a year. The family has expanded too – a second generation of winemakers is now beginning to guide the winery.

Although international varieties are still used, recent years have seen a shift towards native varieties. We chose to spearhead this transition, placing effort in reviving and studying forgotten varieties such as Yiannoudin and Promara, while also innovating on the well-established varieties like Xynisteri and Vamvakada – both at the vineyard and the winery.

Since this transition, our wines have received a lot of attention and countless awards from highly respected international competitions and critics. Today, by consistently driving innovation and upholding our dedication to value and quality, we have positioned ourselves amongst the most respected and trusted winemakers in Cyprus.

14 People

Work full-time at the winery

From viticulture and oenology, to hospitality and administration. These are the people that drive the winery from day to day, bringing not just their skill and knowledge, but also passion and dedication. Our extended family also includes local farmers, designers, technicians, distributors, even tavern and shop owners who continuously support our work and vision.



The core of the vineyards is in the region of Pitsilia, with some spreading out to Krassochoria and Commandaria. Half are are our own, the others managed in partnership with local farmers – all organically farmed since day one.