Category: Events

Workshop: Shades of Xynisteri

workshop SHADES OF XYNISTERI The program As the Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Workshop: Deconstructing Wine

workshop DECONSTRUCTING WINE The program Join us for a tasting workshop presented by our oenologist, Orestis Tsiakkas, on the tower

Act 1: A Fabulous Art Show

Act 1 A FABULOUS ART SHOW The program Swing the night away at the first night of the Oenogastronomic Festival!

Act 2: Cypriot Odyssey

Act 2 CYPRIOT ODYSSEY The program Experience the rich and vibrant Cypriot culture at the second of the oenogastronomic events.

Act 3: Retro Jive

Act 3 RETRO JIVE The program Get ready to experience the most popular event of the Oenogastronomic Festival – the